Saturday, December 31, 2005

christmas tree

west ozzie xmas tree

a new year

well here we are in 2006, nearly, close as fuck for me anyway..a few quiet beers with mates of a like mind and it's early to at 0430..yeehar!..hope that the cunts down the trough keep it down...
speaking of cunts..elton fag cunt is on the tv...i'd better do a cunt of the year award...

number one..elton fag...mostly 'cos he's a cocksucking cunt..(and at present in my face on the tv as well as in the papers...where's a good movie or nature show?)..who gives a fuck about the queer cunt or any other fags for that what ya want but don't tell me about it..that goes for fag mardi gras as well...really..for fuck's sake....might be interesting if they had a bounty on them other wise forget it..

equal number one..all these fucked up religous and ethic cunts..believe in whatever you want...fuck ya goats or whatever...just leave me out of it..

actually they are all rated equal first..the rest of the nominees are..
the family from bumfuck africa that comes here with a munted kid, who proceeds to carc it, and then tells us that we are responsible cos they can't speak english..sounds like they might have a point..ya can't come in unless you can speak english..too dangerous ya go then!!

recently arrived ethnic groups that refuse to join with the predominate culture and participate in our way of life...even though i detest christmas as an corporate induced guilt trip and dislike the poxy carols..i don't really give a fuck about it...however if these folks want to start dictating our lifestyle to us and demand that we adopt their ways then something is going definately wrong...calling chicks sluts on the beach for wearing bathers..what the fuck is wrong with the cunts..

destiny's child for having an excellent outlook on caring for their men but expressing it in such a sickening song..they'd have been better off sucking cock

glenda scottt....a femo-nazi cunt

johnnie howard...dorky cunt..(but he's our dorky cunt.. who could miss that "urr urr" on the media)

well anyway..sink some piss..(for those that do)or don't sink piss..(for those that don't)..and may all the fags fuck themselves to death

Friday, December 23, 2005


it seems that the omens are changing my circumstances again..I do not know the extent yet..but the portents are that I may be leaving my abode of the last decade or so...after a bit of thought about the matter..( to my mind , potential forced sale as a worst case).. and having had the initial rage and spew about the wrongness..have come to realise that, maybe, another adventure is about to happen...when I think about it ..apart from losing an asset, your home is where your heart is...I love where I live at the moment,vegie patch - (my first ginger plant!), chooks, ducks, native plants, bush, river, small friendly town, good mates..but I am intriuged with the idea of dissapearing to a new bit of dirt, no neighbors, no nothing, 'cept a bush to -(but not to near) a water hole somewhere up north, feed from the land..take a heap of non fiction books, some dog wire, maybe some chooks and grow some vegies..get a sat link up to the net and start filming bush critters... continue my studies..looking at trees and animals..sort of like going back 200 years , 'cept with a few mod cons..

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

christmas wishes

All that I would really like for christmas is for the fucked up femo-nazi cunts in the child support agency to have an absolutely rotten time. A pestilance and plague on them and their families. I hope that they all get a lingering fatal disease that will slowly consume them, especially glenda scott, who I have never met but absolutely hate with a passion. Die you fucken scum bag parasites!
I am usually mild mannered and polite, however ten years of torment and mental abuse tends to bias you against the abusers.
You see in our fair country, which I love, the system allows fellas to be set up by calculating whores. These cunts get with child, (It's ok I'm on the pill), then steal your child by dissappearing without leaving an address, then fucken bleed you dry for the next eighteen years!!
The last time I saw my daughter, she was six and just started school, I was explaining to her that she should apply herself in school so as to get a good job that would pay well...she looked at me with innocent eyes and replied.."oh..I'm not going to get a job...I'll just have a baby"...where would that attitude come from? Seems pretty obvious to me.
The next access visit, (the following week), the house was empty...i have not seen my daughter since. The only contact that I have had was a letter from her shortly after saying how much she missed me..when you are just learning to write you don't think about return addresses, and of course good ol mum "forgot" to mention it or supply one..
Since then i've been pretty much a cash cow for good ol mum. ( I have no problem with helping to support my daughter and although we separated early in the piece - surprise- paid support voluntarily until the agency put a gun to my head, if you do that forget it).
To all the fellas out there suffering and depressed because of the CSA, I hope that your friends will help you out, as mine have, and that you may have a happy time at this depressing time of year. (just think about getting over the hump..i've only got another two years on my sentence)
To all the CSA staff out there, rot in hell you cunts....

Saturday, December 10, 2005

sunrise in the gulf

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


well the weather is cool for this time of year and we are still getting rain at times, there was week of low thirties(C) a couple of weeks ago but cool and showers since then. Cool showers for me at the moment too as the hot water has shit itself...apparently the diaphram needs's on the way but until then it's the 0430 cold shower to start the day..
The flies are as thick as i've ever seen them at the moment, the offsider and i were black with them today, didn't manage to swallow any..i'm fucken amazed given how thick they were..(and really glad as they have been pigging out on cowshit)..hopefully the dung beatles will kick in soon and the fly numbers will drop..
so here's the festive season upon us again..a mixture of polical correctness and big corporations trying to use it to put everyone on a big guilt trip so as they will spend heaps of bucks on trashy plastic shit for kids to throw away...poxy old christmas decorations dragged out of yearly retirement and draped over a plastic tree...(go for a real tree i say and help cut down some feral invadors)...
I might, one year, put up some christmas lights..probably a big jaw trap motive on the roof..then on xmas day have reindeer, (with antlers intact), on a spit for tea...hohoho....i've told everyone, (years ago), don't buy me anything and i'll do the same for you...cuts out a lot of stress about what to buy..bahhumbug!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

snowpeas..and soon heaps of dwarf beans!! they also have the heaviest crop i've ever grown...must have been the heavy dose of blood and bone at planting..and hopefully has something to do with crop rotation and soil building.

Friday, December 02, 2005

the patch

the patch is loving the weather we are getting, high twenties - low thirties...I just about need a machette to get into it! Producing far more than i can use...that's good as i enjoy giving away the excess...the first tomato's are growing and are about the size of grapes...hopefully they will happen this year as every previous crop has been hit with blossom end rot.
I have a small avocado tree growing and will find a good spot to put it in when it gets a bit bigger, (out of reach of the chooks). I also intend to find a couple of olive trees.. really need a few acres to set everything up properly, well as i'd like it to be for a permaculture set up.

spinning dolphins

went on my usual, and made as often I can, pilgrimage to the ocean to catch a few delectable fresh fish for tea.. and got a few nice herring...cooked them up as fillets done with laksa leaf, giant garlic, ginger, oregano, one basil leaf, sun flower seed, baby carrots, silverbeat, a few,(well maybe a few more too), kingprawns, juice of a lemon and heaps of snowpeas...(all the vegies and fruit from the patch!! and aren't they sweet) version of stirfry is more simmer than fry..bit of olive oil in the pan..chuck everything in..(carrots first)..add water- 1/4 cup or dash of salt ...cook for about the time it takes to boil 2 1/2 hands of rice..(scoff the lot and adopt a state of repose)..
the new thing that i saw today though, was the dolphins and the way that they were hunting..these were swimming upside down and, ( i suppose), looking down for there was about 12 or so of them, mums, dads and of the male, (i can only guess at that) , dolphins was quite confrontational with me at first and would pop up when my back was turned and 'swoosh' up to the rocks then give me the "eyeball" before ducking off again...this fella was missing the top third of the dorsal fin tip..curved out in a perfect arc of a circle,, probably from a boat propellor..i'd be dirty on people too if i was him
anyway I gave them their space when they wanted to fish and the fella with the fin kept checking me out more.. he finished up slapping his tail twice , looking at me .. then cruised off with his family..i felt like we had established a relationship and mutual respect...I'll look out for my dolphin friend and see if he recognises me again..(can't miss him with his fin)