Monday, August 27, 2007

Well here we go again.

Fucken world news, again, and again, ad nauseum.

The fucking "Princess".

The loved by all, peoples princess, walks on water, should be sainted, blah fucking blah, "Princess".

Well go and get fucked you cunts.

For starters, I didn't watch the fucking wedding - (and it fucked up my viewing of a favorite movie). Why should I give a shit about some cunts I don't know, and to be frank that seem slightly retarded on the whole, (with the exception of the old boy Phil - he's always good for a funny comment at a public event), getting married.

It's bad enough too, to have the Queens head on one side of a fifty cent piece - let alone her fucking offspring and rellies on the other side as well. Geez I hope that they don't do a tenth anniversary model. (It wouldn't be half as obnoxious if they acted like fucking royalty _"Orf with their fucking heads you slack fucking beefeater cunts, then stick the fucken things on a big fucking pole at the gates. Suck shit, soon to be headless losers!!)


The "Princess". What can I say.

In my book the bitch was a slut. Pure and fucking simple, cheating, lying mol. So fuck off with ya "so sweet, butter wouldn't melt in her mouth" attitude. And by the way, with the amount of cum the slag would've gobbled, the butter would have melted from the combined latent heat of constant cum load and friction.

I mean really, the cunt has pulled more fucking trains than Thomas the Tank Engine. It seems that half the boys at the Army barracks had the mols number: - 1800 slutty princess, good time guaranteed. Her boys can probably still see it on the back of the dunny doors around the bases.

She was probably the town bike for fucken years before that.

As for the car prang, the driver probably lost control in a bit of wild foursome action, while she was giving his knob a bit of a polish, with Dodi fucking her up the arse and the bodyguard licking her out (and probably his bosses nuts as well).

The cunt was probably sussing out the lepers for likely roots. Maybe she was a really kinky type of slut.

All while cleverly masquerading as a Princess.

What a fucken mol.


Thursday, August 09, 2007

"You can get it working up a sweat,
You can get it playin hard,
You can get it sitting on ya arse,
that hard earned VB thirst"

Maybe they are working hard to create an aussie version of stonehenge and they only have empty VB cans to create it with.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

This little piggy went to market.
Well not really, this little piggy went and got cut up into oven size bits and eaten by the crew. We still have heaps of the cunts running around the bush here. I saw one across the road from my house, (on the edge of 'town'), the other day.

I'd reckon the bushwalking tourists would shit themselves if they realised what was out there with them.

Of course there's the pigs out there.... but also there is the cougars, which a lot of folks don't realise.

There is at least two different types -(cougars, that is) - around these parts - the small black ones, and the big fucken tawny ones. I had one of these cunts - one of the the big tawny fuckers that is - follow me once, while out walking through some pretty thick bush. I'm sure that if I wasn't switched on I was destined to be it's dinner.

Or maybe it just decided that I was too much of a cunt to eat:)

Friday, August 03, 2007

So there I am at the trough, waiting to be served.

And there's a gaggle of fucken tourists there, looking at the menu board, which is about two meters high and 1.5 wide, with shit like "Roast Beef - $10.00" and other food related stuff written all over it.

As menus generally do.

Over comes the barwench, serving the tourists first, the fucken mol. And askes the tourists if they can be helped. So the tourists, who have been looking at the menu for the last ten minutes, go - "Is that the menu?"

What the fuck!!

Nah, it's a fucken train time table you brain dead cunt. What do you fucken think? Fuck me dead!

Then they got all offended.

Aww. Too fucken bad you dumb cunts. Fuck off.