Monday, September 15, 2008

Well as youse have probably worked out - I've been away in far off parts - some of them really cunty sort of parts, if you're not a fan of the big smoke scene - as I'm not - western suburbs of Sydney and fucking Sydney itself - fucking cunt point scooter riders wobbling all over the shop and everyothercunt tailgating ya. Fucking knobs.

I'd much rather have been fucking around up North blowing away feral shit, catching fish and sucking piss than stuck in a series of fucken tin can planes - that are probably falling apart 'cos it's been fixed by the same cunts that put together most "made in anypickagenericasiancountry"shit that will fall apart if you look at it fucking sideways

- brief deviation here.. (I'm not talking Toyota 4wds here-- they are tops - and the shit plastic toys serve a purpose too, as, if the kiddies get annoying noisy cunty plastic toys of said manufacture at Chrissie time, you can de-activate the annoying noisy bit and when they come to ask you to fix it... you look at is wisely...go, ahhhh - I see the problem, then show them the "made in anypickagenericasiancountry" stamp, and go... "See this mate? It means it's fucked. Anytime you see this one something you know it is fucked and won't last. The cunts that made it don't give a fuck. Chuck the fucken thing in the bin and we'll get ya a fishing rod, or a gun, or a pig-dog ")

..anyways - back to the rant... as the slave labor get paid fuck all to give a shit about the quality of work- and you're stuck with a heap of (generally speaking from my experiences that is) fucking retarded, slow, obese, sick, whiny kids in tow, cattle class fellow travelers. And usually one of the biggest fattest, dumb cunts will want to sit next to you (well me anyway). Fuck off and die you cunt. It's my fucking armrest. Both of them.

I mean really, I timed these cunts as too how fucking long it took them to sit the fuck down and stop blocking the fucking aisle . Eight and a half fucking minutes!! Fuck me sideways you fucking dick heads. Ya must be from Melbourne or somewhere.! What the fuck is wrong with you! Get on plane. Have shit you need to hand (already ' cos you've thought it through). Sit the fuck down. Shut up and hang on cuntbreath. AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH. Thank fuck that I get there early to get an emergency exit seat. I reckon most of the traveling public needs help to do up their fucking shoelaces...and can you imagine the cunts trying to get an emergency exit open...and then try to get out?? Forget it.

Anyways, I do so hope that I haven't managed to offend any cunt that may happen to be reading. Nah - not really, fuck ya's, get a mullet up ya!


Blogger Kitty said...

boo! stalk much?

hello rackie. i've missed you.

do stop by my silly pink blog tomorrow, i'll be posting the best rack i can get my hands on.


4:51 AM  
Blogger rackorf said...

I tought I saw a Quicky-Kat - I did! I did see a Quicky Kat.

Hi Kitty - I'll drop by your silly pink blog to check out the best rack.

Do you do mail order racks?

5:19 AM  
Blogger Kitty said...

rackie, i will mail my entire phat arse to you the moment you so request it my dear.

i'd be there in a mere jiffy.

the rack is that of my dearest and dirtiest friend. no funny business though, we are strictly whining housewives together (not for the want of me trying to throw a leg over, mind).

so glad you have returned. xx

2:24 AM  
Blogger travistee said...

I'm glad to live far away from you, and escape the wrath of Racky....
Welcome back, I did so miss you!

7:16 AM  
Blogger fingers said...

Serves you right flying cattle class, you cheap cunt...

5:01 PM  
Blogger unique_stephen said...

LWB HT or troopie, 70/75/78 or 100 series?

9:29 PM  
Blogger rackorf said...

Kitty - when can I expect my delivery?

Trav - how could you miss a cunt like me, thanks for the thought though.

Fingers - yes, the company are cheap cunts, but I'm working on it.

U/S - my fourby of choice is a 85 hilux - soon to be fitted with an air locker and winch.

11:51 PM  
Blogger unique_stephen said...

I worked as a geo out there for about 10 years (the 90's) Mostly around Kal, L&L, Mt Magnet, Telfer and exploration work through the North West but I've done small jobs right through like mapping between Derby and Karatha.
For remote work I preferred a 75 modded with a winch, bar, lift, lockers and the biggest fucking tires the engineers could get. Which did leave me driving home one time on a ridiculously undersized spare. Because of the mulga stakes I always went with tubes. You might be 3 or 4 weeks at a time with nothing but the HF for company.

Fuck I love that country.

5:16 PM  
Blogger rackorf said...


6:12 PM  

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