Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Now listen up you poxy jap cunts - they're our fucken whales, in our fucken waters and we want you to leave our fucken whales alone. Go and bash your own marine animals - if you've got any left that is.

And as for the "research" bit - drop off cuntox - are you reckoning that we are thick? Well fuck you!!

Give the heroic Sea Shepherd dudes back, then piss right off and get back to making Toyota's and electronic shit - you fucken whale sushi eating cunts.

I'd fucken just blow you'se fuckers out of the water - (after you left the pristine Southern Ocean that is - we don't want any pollution down there) - if it were up to me. Or at least burn ya fucken boats like we do the poxy indo fish stealing cunts.

Who won the fucking war anyway?

Fuck off - you suck.