Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's a sign from above!!

I told you'se cunts not to fucken vote for girlyman krudd and his rat faced mol of a sidekick. For fucks sake!!

See what you've fucken done now. Dickheads. Now we're all even more fucked.

Why the fuck would you take something that is working well and fucken ditch it is beyond me. Now with girlyman and ratfacemol in charge, (who probably like to dress up in gimp suits and fuck each other up the arse in private - while fantasizing about kevin reynolds and joe the mac joining in with a bottle of union oil for a slippery orgy with the wharfies and femo-nazis), we have no fucken chance.

krudd looks like the sort of dobbing little cunt at every school who give everyone the shits. (Like that cunt on the simpsons). The sort of head that instinctively makes you feel like punching the smug fucken look off it and makes your knuckles ache in anticipation and longing for the sensation of smacking into that prissy looking face.

ratfacemol, looks like a sour sort of fucken thing. A real bucket of fucked up femo-nazi hatreds mixed with union, (women in the workplace), lawyer. As a single white male, I can't say that I'm looking forward to her fucken ideas.

[Childcare payments - fuck off. You had the fucken kid, YOU fucken pay for the cunt. Don't expect ME to fucken subsidize your fucking retarded offspring, so that you can get another job, and fucken family benefits. Fuck off and study Mrs Beeton until you get it.]

And as for you costello you weak gutted cunt, maybe if you'd taken a bit more of a profile folks might have given you a go. Now you've fucken dropped ya bundle before you've even had a crack at it. Better we find out now I 'spose. Fuck off scrote.

I bought my first box of piss under a labor gumbiment today and where it was $37 a week ago, now sets me back $42.

Fucken thieving cunts.

Monday, November 12, 2007

What has a nice purply/ black sort of color, is heavy and swollen, and looks fucken excellent hanging from a tree........

Well what do you fucken reckon?

I'll post a pic when I find a good example:)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Check out this cunt!

Taken up North in WA.

A poor starving little rock python having a bit of a graze on a medium size roo.

The poor fucker is having to eat a manky roo 'cos his normal food supply of pissed coons, (thats niggers for the overseas visitors), have all fucked off to the tourist towns to drink full strength piss and shit on the pavement in front of visiting tourists eating in the restaurants. Nice. The cunts have had to make the move though, as they can't buy full strength piss in their charming and quaint little villages now. What are they to do?

How the fuck are they meant to get pissed and smash things up (other coons, the missus, the kids, the house) or get a root (the kids, some other cunts missus) if there's no woobla.

Well, I suppose it is the sort of cultural experience that you wouldn't forget in a while.

And I bet you thought I was going to talk about the snake.