Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Well thank fuck the fire is over for now. It ended up burning out 15 000ha of bush and farmland, 16 homes, and numerous kangaroos and other animals. Possums were screaming in the treetops. Kangaroos are showing up with their feet and ears burnt off.
The pic of the place with the 44gal drum in front is where I lived for 5 happy years, it used to have a grapevine and a passionfruit vine growing on the pergola the over the table. The bathtub wasn't for people - that was the pig bath, where we used to scald them then scrape the bristles off.
The stone chimney is all that remains of a mates house where, over the last eighteen years we have spent many happy times. I shared last christmas with my mates here. On the front verandah where two cane/wicker chairs - they came through without a scorch mark on them, as did a wooden table I made about twenty years ago that was in the back yard. A kangaroo was in the shed 20 foot away, done medium well.
Basically, once a fire starts crowning - (going through the treetops, and they just explode), you're fucked. At least we are not waking up with the slightest wiff of smoke and no longer check the sky for smoke or a glow when going outside. (For now anyway)
Anyway, we are a tight community and we will rebuild the folks that got burnt out. Such is life.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Interesting few days we've been having, 40+ degree heat and some fuckhead lighting fires. The wind has varied from howling easterly to SW. This fire came within 2km of home and has burnt out quite a few places, some of them my mates.
Some of the stories that are starting to come out are eye opening, as are the things that you see. For example, a eighteen foot high prickly pear cactus that is now charcoal and still standing.
Anyway, we await the wind, if it comes our way again we will do what we can, then sink piss on the town oval while everything burns.
At least no-one has been killed yet.
As for the firebug cunts, they want to hope that the cops get them before we find out who they are, as we have a few good ideas of what to do with the them.