Friday, February 08, 2008

Fucken mozzies - rotten disease ridden sleep depriving cunts of things.

If... and as according to the word of the fairy tale, "god" created all things - (fucken things being the operative words in this case) - why the fuck mossies? What the fuck?? (I suppose that all is good in cloud land with out the fuckers.) And as for you Noah you cunt - you had the fucken opportunity you dickhead... WTF is (was) wrong with you??

Anyway, why the fuck did not 'god' make the fucken things the size of a rottweiler and then at least I'd be able to grab the cunts by the fucken snout and give them the good news with a baseball bat right between the fucken eyes a few times.

Ay? What gives? Ay?

Fair suck at the sauce bottle ya sicko cloud riding cunt!!

Give us a fair crack ya maggot.