Monday, February 06, 2006

volf is a cunt and so is tadpole willy

hahahahaha...only fucken stirrin ya boys...comes with me being a cunt too i guess..
and what are you looking at you sick cunt i wasn't even talking to fucken you ya nosy cunty blogwatcher...hahahaha..
unless it's maddog which case how was the convention?
imagine that ay, all the maddogs of the world at the maddog convention, drink heaps of piss, do heaps of drugs, or would it be tea and biccies? I'd like to be watching it on foxtel...they could cut to interesting moments in between the main program, do some interviews...(what sort of maddog are you? kelpie? rabid poodle?), (I bet you're really called Eugene or Dwayne or volf and really love getting bumfucked by butch black lesos with strapons!!) ...put out less food -rare wilderbeast- than is required and let the pack sort it out....put LSD in the punch...have the maddog of the year award(trophy is a fire hydrant with a severed leg laying next to it)......throw the boys a dwight, elton and eugene, all wearing red t-shirts with , in big letters "maddog is a cocksucking cunt" with a logo of a dog licking its dick on the front and "maddog is a felching arse puncher" , on the back....have the maddog of the convention by having a few trials and quests...nominate three of the baddest maddogs to go against twenty fags ( the fags get twenty grand for every maddog they can gang fuck) - the maddogs just get to smash the fuck out of the queer cunts .....maddog vs. mufti...maddog vs. old bat with shopping trolley and attitude....maddog vs. volf ( yes volfy you can have your 370 winchester magnum)..spiderman vs. tadpole willy ( that's already started...spiderman would probably qualify as a member)....
so any way why are you still fucken here? fuck off!